In the News – Stephen Featured on New Planner Podcast – Fiduciary Duty

Fiduciary Duty

Recently I was invited to speak on the New Planner Podcast about how I ended up with Mills Wealth Advisors and why I chose Mills Wealth Advisors over the many other offers I received across the country. It was really fun to get to tell my story and get into why I did what I did and what it was like moving my family halfway across the country to work with Mike and the rest of the Mills Wealth Advisors family.

I’m just as convinced now as I was then, that Mills Wealth Advisors is a firm that puts the client first, and truly acts in the client’s best interest. Before working at Mills Wealth Advisors I didn’t feel like I was able to fulfill my potential as a Certified Financial Planner and Fiduciary to do what was in the clients best interest, at all times. In the past I felt pressure to sell things that I may or may not have felt was BEST for the client. Now at Mills Wealth, I am reminded over and over from Mike, “Best is Best”. I’m proud to work at a firm that puts clients over money, because I believe money will come back, but unhappy clients wont. 

If you are unsure what fiduciary really means, I think the University of Texas did a great job in their video about fiduciary duty, HERE. The best way I can explain it is when there is a good, better, best option a Fiduciary chooses the best option. 

Oh and another great option to learn more about this idea is this video from our website.