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Having Your Cake & Eating It Too: Health Savings Accounts

There are many things I love about my job as a financial planner, but none more so than being able to sit across the table from clients and hear their stories. Some are young professionals just getting started in their careers, whereas others are empty nesters nearing retirement. Some are entrepreneurs looking to begin their next venture, and others are celebrating anniversaries after being with their company for 20+ years. And while each of these groups may be wildly different from ...Read More

Five Investing Principles that are Built to Last

I came across an article recently that I found to be profoundly timeless. I keep hearing about the new normal, and that times have changed. However, there are many things that have and will not change that I believe are being forgotten and sometimes swept under the rug. I hope you enjoy this article as much as I did. I changed some of the wording to fit the end consumer, as theirs was geared towards advisors. You can find the article ...Read More

MWA Quarter Update - Hello Value, My Old Friend


If you have an extra second, read Section III: Around the MWA Office for a few attaboys.  Please skim Section II’s Warning label where I discuss today’s high valuations, look at some charts and graphs, and issue a possible developing bubble warning ...Read More

thumbnail of Q1 Market Review
How Markets Performed Across the World in the First Quarter of 2021


Each quarter we put together a PowerPoint detailing how different markets performed over the last quarter. You will notice that in Quarter 1 of 2021 each equity market was up more than 2%, with the US Market as the top performer at 6.35% and the lowest, the Emerging Market up 2.29%. Global Real estate was up 6.22% and the International ...Read More

Discussing Money with You College Bound Kids

March 12, 2021

The first week of college is a time of excitement for recent high school graduates. They want to see and do everything without the ball and chain that is their parents. Doing everything is likely to cost money. So then, the first week of college is also about learning, learning how to budget. Making a good budget is one of the first discussions you should have with your college-bound high school student before they head off for school.

Financial literacy ...Read More

How Much Do I Need to Retire?

"How much do I need to retire" is one of the most common questions people have when it comes to their personal finances. Regardless of age, occupation, or socioeconomic status, most of us are wrestling with the same questions: How much is enough? How much do I need to be able to take care of my family? And how much will it take to live out my retirement dream?

If you've found yourself asking these questions, I have news for you - you're on the right ...Read More

TEXAS RESIDENTS - Winter Storm: IRS Tax Update

              IRS announces tax relief for Texas severe winter storm victims | Internal Revenue Service TX-2021-02, February 22, 2021   TEXAS — Victims of winter storms that began February 11, 2021 now have until June 15, 2021, to file various individual and business tax returns and make tax payments, the Internal Revenue Service announced today. Following the recent disaster declaration issued by the Federal Emergency Management Agency, the IRS announced today that affected ...Read More

New Job? Here are the Top 10 ways to get your financial plan in order.

Congratulations! You've applied, interviewed, maybe negotiated a few details on your contract, and have finally signed the dotted line on your offer letter.

And then it hits you - changing jobs isn't easy. Sure, it's exciting - and certainly worth celebrating! - but it also can be a very overwhelming experience.

Studies suggest that between your mid-20's to mid-50's, you're likely to experience as many as half a dozen job changes throughout ...Read More

The Next 10 Years of Value Investing



A few weeks ago we wrote an article titled "Is there Still Value in Value Investing". Many people asked for more information regarding it, so we decided to make a video and slide deck about it. You can view the slide ...Read More

What Happens When I Die?

What is an estate plan?

Questions this article will help you answer:

What is an estate plan? What is included in an estate plan? What are some benefits of an estate plan? How do I get started?

One of the most overlooked aspect of a person's financial plan can be answered with a simple question: "What will happen to your assets when you die?" 

On the surface it's not a terribly difficult question, but as you lean into your response, it forces you to confront ...Read More

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