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TEXAS RESIDENTS - Winter Storm: IRS Tax Update

              IRS announces tax relief for Texas severe winter storm victims | Internal Revenue Service TX-2021-02, February 22, 2021   TEXAS — Victims of winter storms that began February 11, 2021 now have until June 15, 2021, to file various individual and business tax returns and make tax payments, the Internal Revenue Service announced today. Following the recent disaster declaration issued by the Federal Emergency Management Agency, the IRS announced today that affected ...Read More

The Next 10 Years of Value Investing



A few weeks ago we wrote an article titled "Is there Still Value in Value Investing". Many people asked for more information regarding it, so we decided to make a video and slide deck about it. You can view the slide ...Read More

What's Going on with the Stock Market?? What is a Short Squeeze? More on Gamestop (GME), AMC and More.


There has been a lot of talk about 5 or 6 stocks the past couple of days, especially GameStop (GME).  AMC, Nokia (NOK), BlackBerry (BB) and Dogecoin (DOGE) have been heavily discussed as well. These stocks represent a minor part of our portfolio, under 0.5% to be exact so they are newsworthy, but not noteworthy for us. If you have questions about what has been ...Read More

Is there Still Value in Value Investing?

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Is there Still Value in Value Investing?

January 15, 2021 Stephen Nelson, CFP®

I read an article recently that I thought was very good, I’d like to share some thoughts on it. It coincides with part of our philosophy on investing. It’s regarding the value premium, which has been ...Read More

MWA 4th Quarter Market Update: The Rebound!


Happy New Year!  I think 2020 is one of those years most of us are happy to have in the rearview mirror as COVID lockdowns destroyed markets early in the year, followed by record levels of global government stimulus which ultimately fueled amazing market rebounds.  If we add in political divisions, trade wars, and restraints on our ...Read More

Looking Back on an Unprecedented Year


The year 2020 proved to be one of the most tumultuous in modern history, marked by a number of developments that were historically unprecedented. But the year also demonstrated the resilience of people, institutions, and financial markets.

The novel coronavirus was already in the news early in the year, ...Read More

thumbnail of Q4 Market Review
How Markets Performed Across the World in the Fourth Quarter 2020


Each quarter we put together a PowerPoint detailing how different markets performed over the last quarter. You will notice that in Quarter 4 of 2020 each equity market was up more than 10%, with the Emerging Markets as the top performer at 19.7% and the lowest, the US up 14.68%. Global Real estate was up 12.55% and the International ...Read More

Should Your 401(k) Advisor do More for You?


Most people believe that all 401(k) advisors serve the same role in a 401(k) plan. Sadly, this is far from the truth. When picking a financial advisor on your 401(k) it is important to understand the role they ...Read More

10 Reasons Your Business Needs a 401k


Many employers across the country have expressed interest in starting a 401(k) or other retirement plan but have not followed through due to their concerns over the complexity of setting up and maintaining ...Read More

MWA 3rd Quarter 2020 Market Update


Section I: Market Update Report

Section II: MWA Quarterly Commentary

Section II-A: The Elections and Market Timing

Section III: Around the MWA Office

Section IV: Articles of Value, Recommended Reading  


Section I: Market Update Report

The 3rd quarter was a strong quarter ...Read More

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