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thumbnail of Quarterly Market Review 3rd 2018
How Markets Across The World Performed During The 3rd Quarter of 2018

Click below to see how markets across the world performed during the 3rd quarter of 2018.

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How Retirement is Like Football

Football season is in full swing! With that in mind, here is a article from Investopedia that compares football to your retirement planning. Retirement might be just around the corner or years away. Either way, a game plan is essential to be able to win retirement. Below are some helpful tips for people who are nearing retirement. 

5 Things to Do 10 Years from Retirement

The article discusses 5 things ...Read More

How Much Longer Can This Bull Market Last?

The Longest Bull Market in S&P 500 History

In the Wall Street Journal on Tuesday August 22, 2018 there was an interesting article that included the picture below (Fig 1) showing the S&P 500 Index on the ...Read More

Not All Low Costs Are Equal

Jack Bogle of Vanguard on Low Costs

I came across this article on low costs. It discusses how low costs are continuing to change the landscape of the financial industry. This article discusses some beliefs from one of the largest figures in the low cost movement. A little over 40 years ago Jack Bogle founded Vanguard (one of the funds our firm uses) and has been disrupting the financial industry ever since. 

In this article Jack states he believes even though other companies ...Read More

MWA 2nd Quarter Market Commentary

Dealing with Market Volatility:  Riding the Escalator While Playing with a Yo-yo


I hope your summer is off to a great start.  Summer has rolled into Texas and temps have begun to rise, but thankfully football season will be here before we know it. This year has been flying by. The US market finally cooled off of its 9-year growth ...Read More

If You Are Not Prepared For Retirement- You Are Not Alone
If You Are Not Prepared For Retirement- You Are Not Alone

According to the Prudential 2018 Survey of Retirement Preparedness, when pre-retirees were asked their level of retirement preparedness, they give themselves an average grade of “C”.  Approximately 40% added that they are “not at all sure” how much income they will need each month in retirement and astonishingly, 25% of pre-retirees are not sure how much they are currently saving for retirement.

According to the ...Read More

Q2 Market Review
How Markets Across The World Performed During The 2nd Quarter of 2018

Below is our recap of how the markets across the world performed during the 2nd quarter of 2018. The headlines made it seem like it was a volatile quarter. However, from trade wars to the fed raising rates, for the most parts the markets shifted very little. Take a look.


Click here to see our market commentary for the 2nd Quarter.   If you want to download the PDF, ...Read More

Are You Worrying About the Wrong Things?
Are You Worrying About the Wrong Things?

I came across a great article today that can teach us principles for our financial lives and our lives in general. The article is from an interview with Carl Richards author of The Behavior Gap, (if you haven’t read it, I highly suggest it). The article discusses how focusing on the wrong things can be detrimental to success. This is true regarding our finances and our lives.

Carl argues that the only things we should focus on are the things that are important and in our control. ...Read More

Will Your Mutual Fund Go Extinct in 15 Years
Will Your Mutual Fund Go Extinct in 15 Years

This article by Jake DeKinder, a friend of mine that works at Dimensional Funds, is an easy to understand article that dives into 3 concepts that are deeply embedded into the portfolios we manage.  These beliefs are important to understand if you ever want to look under the hood to better understand what the research says about investing along with how we and our partners implement the ideas that come from academia.  Below are 3 ideas that are prevalent in the models we manage and the ...Read More

Run Towards Fire
Sometimes You Need To Run Towards The Fire

Q: Should I Sell My Emerging Markets Positions?

A: If we were going to sell or reduce this position, we would want to do so before the news came out and markets started moving based on the news of strengthen US currency. We don’t want to sell low and buy high. Look at the returns below between the DFA Emerging Market funds and the S&P 500. Keep in mind that markets move on the anticipation of good/bad news yet given how bad the news has been the returns have not been that ...Read More

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