We’ve seen first hand how for many busienss owners, managing their investments personally can start as an empowering endeavor. However, as business demands escalate and investment portfolios grow, the complexity of effective management increases. This is where our team of experts come into play, guiding entrepreneurs through the intricate landscape

The Corporate Transparency Act was approved by Congress in January 2021, and is a new federal law requiring many business entities to identify to the Treasury Department the individuals who own or control a 25 percent or greater interest in the entity or who otherwise exercise substantial control over the

Remember that old saying “nothing ever stays the same”? Well, that saying can be applied to a wide array of things, including IRS filing regulations. Last year, the IRS issued updated regulations for 2024 that are intended to minimize the number of paper filings they receive each year. These new

DOWNLOAD THE PDF Happy new year!  As we enter 2024, I want to cover a few key concepts that are deeply embedded into how Mills Wealth thinks about protecting and growing your portfolio in a manner that offers investors a very high probability of success.  Investing is a risky business,

The 4th quarter was quite the rollercoaster ride. The first month saw the market move down quite a bit, only to be followed by one of the best Novembers EVER recorded. Both Bond and Stock Markets across the world were sharply up in the 4th Quarter with Global Real Estate

Each quarter we look at the funds in our investment lineup as well available funds not in our lineup, that meet our investment criteria. As we began to do that this year, we came across this slide deck showing the performance of Dimensional Funds up until December 31, 2023. Take

I recently read an article on Vanguard’s website talking about why higher yields may be a good thing for investors. As you may know, in 2022 when interest rates went from essentially 0% to 5% it was bad for both the stock market and bond market, with both of them

Introduction If you are like most of the wealthy clients we work with, you have built a great nest egg. With that comes family and friends asking for money or asking for a loan. You want to help out, but you want to make sure you do it the right

Is estate planning a one and done deal?… or does it, like your retirement planning, require ongoing attention and review? Estate planning provides the individual control over their assets. That control provides certainty, flexibility, and assurance that their hard-earned assets are protected and treated in the manner in which they

The holiday season is a time of joy, celebration, and giving. However, with all of the holiday excitement comes the need for careful financial planning. Did you know that the average American spends almost $1,500 on gifts for the holiday season and many spend well over that?1 Add in travel expenses,