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Creating A Plan

Creating A Plan

dwight d. eisenhower

“In preparing for battle I have always found that plans are useless, but planning is indispensable.”– Dwight D. Eisenhower

The MWA wealth management process provides the foundation for a long-term personal relationship. We will begin by setting an engagement, disclosing any fees, and conducting an intense question-and-answer session in which we will help you uncover what is truly important to you and your family. The intended result of this exploratory process is an alignment in vision and trust. Armed with what’s important to you and knowing what you are afraid of, we can go to work building and implementing a customized plan designed around you and your family. We will then incorporate the strategies, tools, or experts needed to accomplish your goals with the least risk and the highest chance of success. Your portfolio will be monitored and continually assessed to assure that your wealth moves forward according to plan.


Our planning process centers around building confidence with our clients. It is designed to determine and address clients’ future goals as well as identify any risk, fears, or constraints that might limit our chances of accomplishing those goals. The process consists of the steps listed below.

STEP – Introductory meeting

Introductory meeting

We will start by sitting down and getting acquainted to determine if a relationship will be a good fit for both parties. During this time, we will answer detailed questions about Mills Wealth Advisors and evaluate ways we may be able to bring value to your life. Should you decide to engage our firm, we will request that you complete a detailed, confidential client questionnaire, provide documents we will need in order to analyze your financial situation, and complete a financial planning agreement.

STEP – Questionnaire meeting

Questionnaire meeting

The questionnaire meeting is probably the most important part of the process. In this meeting, we will uncover what’s important to you concerning money and find out where your goals and objectives fit together. This will be an opportunity to review the information you provided in both the questionnaire and supporting documentation. The goal will be to establish a complete profile that we will use in crafting your plan. This will include detailed questions regarding expected cash flow, net worth, tax considerations, income, and growth expectations. We will also discuss your goals or help you refine them as needed. If appropriate, we will consult with your other personal advisors prior to the development of your plan.

STEP – Plan Delivery meeting

Plan Delivery meeting

At this meeting, we will present an initial written financial plan based on information collected and goals established during our questionnaire meeting. The plan will include recommendations regarding investment strategy, cash flow optimization, and detailed insurance analysis. After a review of these recommendations, we will focus on questions or discussion. You will have no obligation to open an account, transact business, or implement any of our recommendations or suggestions.

STEP – Implementation meeting

Should you choose MWA to implement the recommendations and strategies in your plan, we will conduct an implementation meeting. We will accomplish plan implementation by completing applications for investment management services and/or fixed insurance products. Should your plan recommendations include our investment management services, we will review your risk tolerance, discuss our investment strategy, and review the fees for our services.

STEP day follow-up meeting

45 day follow-up meeting

At the implementation meeting, we will schedule a follow-up meeting. This meeting will ensure that activities and recommendations started in the implementation meeting are finalized or nearing completion. We will also use this time to explain the statements you will be receiving and confirm that you know how to access your accounts online. In addition, we will conduct a review of our strategy and discuss expectations.

STEP – On going review

On going review

Mills Wealth Advisors will meet with you at least once a year to review your plan. We will make adjustments, measure the success of the plan, and take action on any necessary changes. This will include a review of your goals and your progress toward those goals. The frequency of these meetings vary by client and will be adjusted depending on your plan.

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