How Markets Performed Across the World in the First Quarter of 2023


The market investing year of 2023 is off to a solid start. Despite some concerns with the liquidity of some banks, ALL equity and fixed income markets were positive in the first quarter. International Developed Stocks were up 8.02% over the quarter followed by the US Market at 7.18%, Emerging Markets at 3.96%, and Global Real Estate at 1.37%. The bond market both in the US and elsewhere had similar returns. The US Bond Market was up 2.96% while Globally ex US was up 2.86%.

Past Quarter Results

  • International Stocks +8.02%
  • US Stocks +7.18%
  • Emerging Market Stocks +3.96%
  • US Bonds +2.96%
  • Global Ex US Bonds +2.86%
  • Global Real Estate +1.37

The past two good quarters have not impacted the 1 year returns sadly. ALL equity and fixed income markets are still negative over the past year. International stocks have the lowest loss at -2.74, followed by the US at -8.58%, Emerging Markets at -10.70%, and Global Real Estate at -20.29%. The local and international bond markets both have not performed well over the past year with Global Ex US at -3.27% and the US Bonds at -4.78%.

Past Year Results

  • International  Stocks (-2.74%)
  • Global Ex US Bonds (-3.27%)
  • US Bonds (-4.78%)
  • US Stocks (-8.58%)
  • Emerging Market Stocks (-10.70%)
  • Global Real Estate (-20.29%)

Investors hope to see the trend of 1 year returns move positive and quarterly returns continued strength in the second quarter of 2023 and beyond.

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