Planning for retirement can be difficult, and a common query many face is, “How much do I need to retire?” Addressing this crucial question demands thorough analysis and there’s no universal solution. However, at its core, you need two primary pieces of information to begin. We’ll guide you through each

Question: How does Mills Wealth Investment team think about preferred stock compared to common stock? This is a pretty detailed in-the-weeds question, but I think the answer can help explain a little about how we think about building “efficient” portfolios that barbell risk assets on one side of the portfolio

DOWNLOAD THE PDF The beautiful spring weather of April is here, and it’s hard to believe that another quarter has come and gone. This quarter marks a significant milestone for Mills Wealth Advisors, as it was 25 years ago that the firm was founded. In that time we have seen

Mills Wealth Quarterly Market Review

The 1st quarter of 2024 was off to a hot start with most of the markets up. The Stock Markets across the world were up in the 1st Quarter with the US Stock Market leading the way at 10.02%, followed by the International Developed Stocks at 5.59% and Emerging Markets

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As an advisor with over a decade of experience, there is one mistake that I have seen happen over and over again, and that in my mind is an easy remedy – having an Exit Plan. One of the most crucial steps in this journey is the development and implementation

exit planning

Creating a well-defined exit plan is an essential strategy for every business owner, providing a roadmap for transitioning out of their company. An exit plan not only outlines how and when an owner will step away from their business, but it also ensures that they can do so in a

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If you are nearing retirement, odds are you have thought a lot about how to get the most out of Social Security. You may have even thought about you or your spouse taking Social Security Benefits earlier than your Full Retirement Age (FRA). Below are some thoughts on how that

Time-Saving Strategies for Busy Owners

Have you ever ended a month and wondered how much money did you save? Or even worse, wondered how much you even spent? In today’s fast-moving world, managing your finances can seem like a Herculean task, particularly for those who currently make a good income, and is even worse if

As a business owner who may currently be a trustee of a 401(k)/retirement plan or you may be looking into it, the aim of this article is to explain what, how and why plan benchmarking is important for you and your employees. A retirement plan can be a great tool

We are thrilled to share that Stephen Nelson, a cornerstone of our team, has been honored with the prestigious D Magzine’s Best Financial Planners for 2023. This accolade is a testament to Stephen’s expertise, dedication, and the strategies he employs to ensure our clients’ are well taken care of. His