How Markets Across the World Performed in the Second Quarter of 2022


Each quarter we put together a PowerPoint detailing how different markets performed over the last quarter. You will notice that in Quarter 2 of 2022 ALL markets were down. The US Market was down 16.70% while the International Developed Market was down 14.66% and the Emerging Market was down the least at 11.45%. Global Real Estate was down the most at 17.22%. The bond market was negative again in the 2nd quarter to post a -4.69% return in the US and -4.01% Globally.

Over the past 12 months all indices are down. US -13.87%, International Developed -16.76%,  and Emerging is down 25.28%. Global Real Estate is down 10.61%. Both US and Global Bond Markets are down. US down 10.29%, Global down 7.75%.

All 5 year and 10 year figures are positive though.

thumbnail of Quarterly Market Review Q2 2022