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US Debt Ceiling: Should I be Worried?

I recently read an article on the US Debt Ceiling and thought it was did a great job explaining what's going on. Below I have summarized the the article and posted a link to the PDF. I hope you enjoy it. 


US Debt Ceiling Info and History

The US debt ceiling, a limit set by Congress on the amount of money the government can borrow, has been a recurring topic of debate. Since 1960, the ceiling has been raised 78 times, reflecting the ongoing need for ...Read More

thumbnail of MWA 1st Quarter Market Review
How Markets Performed Across the World in the First Quarter of 2023


The market investing year of 2023 is off to a solid start. Despite some concerns with the liquidity ove some banks, ALL equity and fixed income markets were positive in the first quarter. International Developed Stocks were up 8.02% over the quarter followed by the US Market at 7.18%, Emerging Markets at 3.96%, and Global Real ...Read More

Learning from Past Financial Recessions

There is a lot to learn from past financial recessions. There have been as many as 48 financial recessions in the US going back to the Articles of Confederation. Though some of these are disputed by economists and historians. The good news is going back to 1926 we have some very good reliable data on receissions. In the article below they look at the sixteen of them since 1926 to allow us to learn from them. 

What is a Financial Recession?

A recession is a slowdown ...Read More

Inflation Reduction Act of 2022

Inflation Reduction Act of 2022

President Biden’s Build Back Better Plan proposed in 2021, which highlighted plans to increase tax revenue by revoking saving strategies from the wealthier taxpayers and forcing withdrawals from retirement accounts in excess of certain limits, didn’t make it to the Senate floor. The Democratic party were, however, able to pass the Inflation Reduction Act of 2022. This Bill focuses heavily on clean energy, healthcare, prescription costs, and imposes ...Read More

5 Financial Goals for the New Year

The new year is here, and now is the time to create financial goals to help you get on track and set yourself up for a more financially stable future. Sometimes, getting your finances organized can be a daunting task, but by setting a few yearly goals, it can be easier than you think. Start the year off right by getting started on the five financial goals listed below.

1. Draft a Monthly Budget

Even though this may seem like a common goal, many people find it hard to ...Read More

MWA Quarter Update - Active Management, Market Declines and Stocks


In the update below, you will find the following links that will direct you to the topics and resources we have assembled for your benefit.  I hope you find it informative and useful.  If you have an extra second, read Section III: Around the MWA Office for some great updates. ...Read More

Government Shutdown - Will My Portfolio Go Down?

Government Shutdown - Will My Portfolio Go Down?

You may have asked your advisor this question, googled this question, or just plain wondered “will my portfolio go down if the government shuts down?” The answer to this question is, probably not. This does not mean that you should not concern yourself with your current risk allocation, because the market may go down, but likely not due to a Government Shutdown.

There have been five Government Shutdowns since 1990. None of ...Read More

Facing a Bear - Do You Run or Stand Your Ground? MWA 3rd Quarter Market Commentary

Staring Down a Bear Our Thoughts on the Markets Insight into MWA Rebalancing Methodology Understanding the Mechanics of a Client Question, “Am I losing out?” What’s Going on around the Mills Wealth Office                                                                                             ...Read More

blog health care
What will healthcare cost during retirement?

Two of the biggest future cost retirees will face is the rising cost of healthcare plus the cost associated with providing long term care which are not typically covered by Medicare. These two unknown cost must be addressed in a typical retirement plan. Today Americans spend approximately 3 trillion dollars on health care and these cost have risen at a much faster rate than the overall rate of inflation. Add to this the uncertainty of health care legislation and the fact that ...Read More

quarter 3 market review

Section I:  Portfolio Performance

What a year! In addition to this newsletter please know that your quarterly portfolio reviews have been uploaded to your client portal as of 10-13-2017. To date almost every major asset class is positive and some asset types, like emerging markets, are up over 25% year to date. While we can’t expect to get double-digit returns every year that doesn’t mean asset prices must come tumbling down either. The attachment below shows the ...Read More

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