Spring Cleaning: Clean Up Your Investment Fees

If your neighborhood is anything  like mine, there are probably signs about a community yard/garage sale every weekend. With the wild flowers in full bloom, spring cleaning has begun and just about everyone is joining in. However, I pose this question, “why stop with your house?” Why not do some spring cleaning with your investments, estate planning, insurance planning etc.. Do you know if your investment fees are in line with average fund fees?

Really though, when is the last time you took a good look at what fees you are paying in your investment accounts and “clean” them? It’s probably been a while, if ever that you have taken a good look at where your fees are and compare them to similar funds. I would argue that fees tend to be the biggest lag on investment returns, and best predictor of future returns. ESPECIALLY if you are diversely invested.

The article below goes into great detail why that is. It is a 5-minute read and I would highly suggest taking the time to read it.

Fees and Gimmicks Are Squandering Your Investment Returns

thumbnail of Fees and Gimicks are Squandering Your Investment Returns