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Q&A: MWA CORE+ Portfolio Strategy or Investment Policy Questions surrounding the MWA CORE+ global Portfolios   Q: What’s MWA’s goal when building a prudent investment policy:   A: This is a question we spend a great deal of time discussing with clients.  I think the answer could be different depending on

In an effort to save you time, I have linked to several additional articles of interest that you can come back to later if desired. If you have time, please read these articles as they are chalked full of good information, stories, and lessons. Below, I have included descriptions and

DOWNLOAD THE PDF The year 2019 offered investors strong returns in many major asset classes and capped off an attractive decade of gains.  Figure 1 below shows the 10 year returns for a global stock portfolio.  Large US growth stocks, the major type of stocks owned by many investors, especially

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DOWNLOAD THE PDF This Report shows how each of the markets across the world performed in 2019. As you can see from page 3, all major market classes were above their average annual return.

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DOWNLOAD THE PDF Each quarter we put together a PowerPoint detailing how different markets performed over the last quarter. You will notice that Q4 of 2019 Emerging Markets (yes the market we have talking about for a couple years) performed the best.