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Growing Wealth

The Core + Investment Process

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Here at Mills Wealth Advisors, not only do we create a custom plan of action catered to each individual client, and take active steps toward protecting wealth through long-term care, we also specialize in growing wealth by using The Core+™ Investment Process.

Our process, recognized by Forbes, has been tested, and proved to grow your investment’s and keep your financial future strong for the long-run.

Click on the links above to learn why some investors fail, our investment philosophy, and our detailed process here at Mills Wealth Advisors.


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DFA vs. Vanguard IFA video
The following video by one of our peers at IFA does an outstanding job of explaining how Dimensional Fund Advisors’ methodology captures more of the 3 factors that drive higher expected returns. (Click HERE to see what the 3 Factor

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Quit Monkeying Around  
Have you ever wondered why a blindfolded monkey can often beat professional money managers?  This short article helps explain why. Enjoy!

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Are you gambling with your portfolio?
Are Advisors Losing Faith In The Buy and Hold Approach Thesis: Both clients and advisors have a hard time letting markets work over the long run. It takes an incredible amount of discipline and patience to stock with a prudent,

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How Small Companies Can Supersize Your Investment Returns
At MWA, one of our core investing beliefs is that risk and return are related. As such, there are three known investment factors that offer higher returns to long-term, patient investors. One of these factors is that small companies offer nearly a

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Core+ Investment Process

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