Question: How does Mills Wealth Investment team think about preferred stock compared to common stock? This is a pretty detailed in-the-weeds question, but I think the answer can help explain a little about how we think about building “efficient” portfolios that barbell risk assets on one side of the portfolio

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Will Your Mutual Fund Go Extinct in 15 Years

This article by Jake DeKinder, a friend of mine that works at Dimensional Funds, is an easy to understand article that dives into 3 concepts that are deeply embedded into the portfolios we manage.  These beliefs are important to understand if you ever want to look under the hood to

Financial Fitness Tips

With spring and summer fast approaching, bikini-body goals move into of the forefront of our minds, and financial fitness sometimes takes a backseat. Just as people can commit to a health and fitness plan for their physical bodies, your wallet sometimes needs a trim around the waistline. It’s easy to