August is National “Make a Will” Month, and it’s a great annual reminder to update your will if needed and create a will if you don’t have one already. A will is an important estate-planning document that can help you transfer your assets with ease. Having a proper will can

5 Things I Learned While Studying for the CFP Exam   Over the last 3 months, I have been diligently studying and preparing to take the Certified Financial Planner (CFP) Exam. Although the process of preparing for the exam was time-consuming and stressful, all my hard work paid off on

July 18, 2023 – Mills Wealth is proud to announce that Emily Rickman, CPA CFP®, has obtained her Certified Financial Planner™ certification with the Certified Financial Planner Board of Standards (CFP Board). Rickman, a Private Wealth Advisor, is responsible for providing guidance to clients on a variety of financial matters


I hope you are managing to stay cool. For those of you that aren’t in Texas, I’m either getting older or it feels like Texas is sinking closer to Hades. My daughter that is in college in Wyoming came home for a few weeks and

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The market investing year of 2023 is off to a solid start. Despite some concerns with the liquidity of some banks, ALL equity and fixed income markets were positive in the first quarter, and all but US Bonds were positive in the 2nd

I know it’s mid-year of 2023, but are you thinking about your taxes and financial strategies for 2026? If not, you should be.  We had this conversation with a client who is planning on selling their business soon, and they were surprised to hear that 2026 is such an important

The traditional retirement age in the United States is 65, the age at which most people are eligible to begin receiving full Social Security benefits. But many people feel the allure of leaving the workforce much sooner. Many Americans are deciding to retire earlier than planned, whether by choice or

PAYING YOUR KIDS AS A BUSINESS OWNER Paying your children may be one of the most underutilized tax strategies of small businesses owners. Yes, you can hire your children to work for you, and you’re able to pay them a legitimate wage. There are multiple planning opportunities that become available

  As an investor, you make the conscious decision to take on the risks associated with investing. At the end of the day, this risk translates to some investments being “winners” and some being “losers”. Unfortunately, almost every investor will encounter these “loser” investments from time-to-time during their life. But

In an engaging piece by David Booth, the founder and chair of Dimensional Fund Advisors, a critical question is raised – can artificial intelligence (AI) help pick stocks? With the advent of technology capable of processing vast amounts of data, many might be inclined to say yes. However, Booth offers