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401k Plans

The latest information on offering a company 401k retirement plan

401k Plans

Mills Wealth Advisors provides advisory services to company retirement plans, 401k participants, and individual investors. Our services include plan design, fund recommendations and reviews, participant education, and ongoing review and maintenance. We are ERISA Section 3(38) investment advisors for many of our plans, and we take fiduciary responsibility for selecting the investment options for the retirement plans we service.

Our services may include:

  • Using low total cost, asset class, or index ­style mutual funds
  • Developing, monitoring, and updating investment policy statements
  • Providing investment options that are packaged to model various diversified portfolios
  • Ongoing trustee communications
  • Employee communications and education
  • Transparent fee structure and reporting

By lowering plan TOTAL cost and utilizing innovative plan designs, such as the Save More Tomorrow methodology (SMarT) created by Professor Shlomo Benartzi from The Anderson School at UCLA, we can radically change your employees results. Studies have linked more savings to higher confidence and more productive workers. Let Mills Wealth Advisors benchmark your plan.

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Personal 401K Plan Statement
Personal 401k plan
It’s a fact that today’s company retirement system is failing small business employees. According to Chad Parks, CEO of Ubiquity Retirement, “Sixty-seven percent of small businesses don’t offer retirement plans.” Depending on which study you look at “most employees have

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